Summer Reading Challenge Certificate and medal

If you haven’t collected your Summer Reading CDSCF0099hallenge Certificate, Alby is keeping it safe for you, until you visit us at Watton Library. Where he will be proud to award you your Certificate and Medal.


Summer Reading Challange book reviews part 4

The Kitten Nobody Wanted by Holly Webb – I liked it because Mia gave Whiskers a nice home.  I didn’t like it because she had lost her other cat Sandy but there was a very happy ending

Nina the Birthday Cake Fairy by Daisy Meadows – I liked it because Kirsty and Rachel found Nina’s charm, and I also like it because Jack Frost fell in the moat that was made of milkshake.  I didn’t like it because Jack Frost stole Kirsty’s Birthday cake, it all turn out all right in the end 9/10

That’s Not My Frog – I like this book very much. It has really nice pictures that I can touch and feel 10/10

Animal Actions – I love this book, it has gruffalo pictures in it 10/10

Children’s Atlas by Philip Steele – Good information, my favourite country is Africa 8/10

Steve Backshall predators – It was epic 10/10

Diary of a wimpy kid – The ugly truth by Jeff Kinney – It was funny and despicable

Titanic – My favourite part was when they told you about Caption E Smith

Tallylash attishoo  by Neil Griffiths – I liked this book because it made me laugh

Super worm by Julia Donldson – I love super worm

Supertato by Sue Hendra – The pea was making lots of trouble! Supertato got the pea! It made me laugh


Summer Reading Challenge book reviews part 3

Tractionman meets turbo – It was great, he talked about his pets

Elusive Moose by J Gamij and C Beaton – I love it because you play hide-and-seek 9/10

The Scaredy Cat by Russell Punter – I liked it when he caught the burglar and got lots of cat food 10/10

Tiddler the story telling fish by Julia Donaldson and Atel Scheffler – I think it’s really good 10/10

Twit by Steve Cole – It had a great ending 9/10

Butterfly fairy’s secret by Fran Evans – It is Good

Cavebaby by Julia Donaldson – I like it and it was good

Meg and mog by Helen Nicoll – I like it and it is funny.

Angry Birds – Red by Richard Dungworth – Everything, the best bit was the bird beating the pigs 10/10

The lighthouse keepers new friend by Ronda Armitage – This book is very good I would recommend it to anyone because if you like stories with dogs in it. Good 8/10

Lego Friends perfect pets by Lisa Stock – I think this book is very good. I would definitely recommend this book.  You Should read it. 10/10

Ashok’s day –  It is good it

Mrs Lather’s Laundry – Allan Ahlbery – She washed everything except sock, vest, babys and pets 10/10

Dork Diaries by  Rachel Renee Russell – i thought that this book was awesome because it’s really fun and a good old laugh 10/10

The slightly Annoying Elephant by David Walliams – It was funny

Baby Jake Farm Adventure – I liked the animals


Summer Reading Challenge book reviews part 2

Asterix and the Banquet by Albert Goscinny – They are all good  9/10

The Animal Book by D Mills – I like the bit about mammals best the big cats, dolphins and horses.  I like birds and fish too 7/10

Where’s the meerkat by Jen Wain Wright – I like where’s the meerkat, because they travel around the world

My outdoor like by Ray Mears – I liked it because it was interesting and had less facts 7/10

Sea Quest, Cephalox the cyber squid by Adam Blade – This was a very funny book with very good imagination from the author.  Really makes and image in my mind 91/2 /10

Yeti Spaghetti by Samantha Hay – I like this book because it was about yetis 8/10

Big ideas that changed the world – I like the ideas that changed because it has interesting facts and inventions 9/10

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell  – Awesome 10/10

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell – I loved owl babies because i like Bill he always said I want my mummy! It was funny 10/10

The enchanted wood by Enid Blyton – It was humorous

Who’s in the Loo by Jeanne Willis – If i could give this book a million starts I would, best book ever

Hairy Maclary’s Showbusiness by Lynly Dodd – I loved it 10/10

Horrid Hennry’s Wedding by F Simon – It was ok, and it did  make me laugh though it wasn’t her best but I wouldn’t get it out again.  Also it was a bit short. 5/10

Alien Invaders by Max Silver – I like the battle between Cosmo and Rouched, I would recommend this book for other people as well 8/10

Sharks by Scholastic – I like this book because it has lots of fascinating facts in it. 10/10

That’s not my bunny by Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells – I like this book because the pictures feel nice and it has bright colours 10/10

Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl – I love the Rhymes and they are revolting 10/10

Magic animal friends Chloe Slipperside secret by Daisy Meadows – I like how they have to find all the different things, to do one big thing.  Amazing book loved it 10/10

Dick and Dom’s slightly naughty but very silly words – it was funny 100/10

Animal heroes by Jane Bingham – I liked the story when a dog saved a injured man from a grenade being thrown at them

Jupiter to the  rescue – Cool book and Jupiter rescue everybody.


Summer Reading Challenge book reviews part 1

‘I See All’ by Angels Navarro – I enjoyed doing the puzzle and finding thing’s out – 9/10

‘Diggers at Work’ – My favorite book, love it a lot 10/10

‘Rage of the Rhino’ by Bear Grylls – a great book, easy read, suitable for young readers 7/10

‘Children’s History of Norwich’ by Peter Kent – it is interesting because it tells us about how the railway arrived

‘Horrid Henry’ by F Simon – It ws good and a exiting book 10/10

‘Cowboys’ by Usborne – good – 9/10

‘Tom Gates a tiny bit lucky’ by L. Pinchon – I liked this book, it was funny, cool, enjoyable and exiting.  This book was great 8/10

‘Grumpus in the night’ by Nick Ward – It was funny – 9/10

‘Harry and the dinosaurs say raahh’ by Ian Klhybroau – I like this book because the boy has the same name as my brother – 7/10

‘Alien Invasion!’ by Michael Morpurgo – It was epic because of the donkey -10/10

‘Roo the Roaring Dinosaur’ bu David Bedford – i like this book because Roo helped teh mammoth when his ballon broke -10/10

‘Magic animal friends Lucy longwhiskers finds a friend’ by Daisy Meadows – i love the adventure.  I love to read and in the book they like to read, just like me!

‘Magic Animal friends Rosie Gigglepips luck escape’ by Daisy Meadows – i like all the adventures. it really makes me use my imagination, and these books are amazing – 8/10


Alby and the Corn Circles

Alby and the corn circles

At the library everyone had gone home, and left Alby all alone.  He was sat quietly on the bean bags reading one of his favourite books, when suddenly he heard a noise.

Knock, Knock came the noise.

‘That’s strange’ said Alby as he made, his way towards the noise, which was coming from the front door.  There stood his friend Meg wagging her tail in excitement.

‘The hares are going to dance tonight in the corn field.  Do you want to come?’ explained Meg

‘Yes I would love to come but I’m not sure if I can reach the lock on the door’ Alby jumped and jumped until he was quite puffed out.  ‘I, I, can’t reach it’ puffed Alby

‘Is there another way you could get out of the library?’ questioned Megalby and the letterbox.  Alby stood for a moment and then jumped with excitement, ‘I have an idea’ and skipped off to where the letter box was in the wall, dragging a chair with him.  Stopping just below the letter box, he then climbed onto the chair and was able to open the inside flap.  ‘Right let’s see if I can get through here.’

Ably wiggled his head through the letter box, ‘It’s a good job you’re made of soft stuff’ said Meg. Next he worked his body through the letter box. Suddenly with a pop he was laying on the floor outside, rubbing his ear which he had landed on. He looked for Meg, who came bounding up to him, ‘Come on they’ll start soon.’

The pair rushed down the road, past the supermarket and out into the countryside.  The corn field was in sight and both could hear music rising from the middle of the field.  ‘Good, they have only just started’ said Meg.

They made their way through the tall golden stalks of corn and found themselves in a flattened circle.  There were many different animals sat around the edge watching the hares, who were now standing up on their back legs, and using their front legs to holding beautiful musical instruments.

‘Shall we sit herhare dancinge and watch?’ suggested Meg so the two friends joined the other animals and watched the hares dancing and playing their instruments.

The music surrounded everyone and as it got faster the dancing did too.  The hares weaved in and out of the corn, dancing in complicated patterns, flattening the corn as they went.

‘Why are they weaving in and out? Asked Alby,

‘They are forming patterns in the corn.’ answered Meg,

‘But they can’t see what it looks like from here’ questioned Alby

‘But the great hare in the sky can, it pleases him.’ Replied Meg,

The hares carried on playing the music as they made their patterns.  Eventually all the other animals joined in the hare’s dance.  Both Alby and Meg had a wonderful time dancing, following the hares along their patterns and before they knew it was morning.

‘We better get back to our homes before we’re missed’ said Meg.

Then they made their way back to the library, but Alby couldn’t reach the letter box.  Meg suggested he climb on her back, and then he could reach the box.  Alby pulled himself through shouting ‘Bye, and thank-you’.

A very tired Alby climb into his bed and fell fast asleep.  When he awoke the library was open and people were talking about the events of the night before.  Alby didn’t understand how the humans knew about the hare’s dance, until he saw the headlines on the newspaper, which read, ‘Did aliens make Corn Circles in Watton?

Alby smiled, he knew the truth.

By G Stephenson


Story of Alby


My name is Alby, I am Watton Library’s bear, but I didn’t start as a library bear.  I once had a family who loved me, but one day they took me for a visit to the library, and while I was playing with the lego they left but forgot me.  I have been here for over a month now, and they have not returned or even phoned.  This has made me really sad, as I loved being with my family and miss them.

The staff in the library have been very kind, and have now adopted me as their Library Bear.  This is a very important post and I now have my own name badge, I am here to help with everything that happens in the library, and this week I have been helping with the Summer Reading Challenge.   It is very important to keep reading during the summer holidays and we have lots of lovely books for you to choose, and if you read 6 over the summer you will complete the challenge and get a certificate and medal just like mine.

Also this week I was given a present of a waist coat and a bow tie, as bow ties are cool, but I can’t remember who said that can anyone help?

The staff have lots of exciting plans for me, so watch this space and see what I get up to.

Alby the bear